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মডেল পোল্ট্রি ফার্ম

৬।মডেল পোল্ট্রি ফার্ম(ব্যবস্থাপনায় এড করবেন)

Blue Print for a Farm with 2000 local chicken

Text Box: Jute bag soaked disinfectant
Text Box: South
Text Box:
Text Box:
Text Box: North
Vegetable garden-1 (30 ft.)    

Feed storage  

                                                                                                 50 ft.

Text Box:  =A series of Neem and Moringa trees
Text Box: Shoe change
Text Box:   = Farmers house

Text Box: Height= 8 ft. from floor
Shed -1 of 1000

                                                                                         50 ft.

Text Box:  = Medicinal plant20 ft.

Text Box: Vegetable garden-2 (30 ft.)
Text Box:  = Washroom

Text Box:  = water sourceText Box:                                                                                                   50 ft.

Text Box: SOLAR
Text Box: 50 ft. * 20 ft. (Length* Width) 
and Height= 8 ft. from floor
Shed -2 of 1000

Shed-2 of 1000
Text Box: Shoe change
Vegetable garden-3 (30 ft.)  

Details of a local chicken farm:

South-east Asia, especially Bangladesh is a tropical country and its economic condition is not so good on average, therefore most of the people are living here with very minimum nutrition taking. This design will ensure minimum cost along with maximum benefit by focusing on biosecurity, to minimize antimicrobial resistance gene spread hopefully.

In this design, 1st shed will be kept for first batch, after selling 1st batch birds, and 2nd batch will be started, and in the meantime 1st shed will have kept clean by Husband or wife or children, and ensured rest for 2 months. The distance in between farmer’s house and 1st shed will be 50 ft., but it will totally be prohibited to rear any type of poultry species, and in between sheds will be 50 ft. minimum.

  1. Sheds direction: Birds should be in east-west direction, long axis of shed, to ensure proper ventilation and sunlight.
  2. Space: One square foot will be every bird’s floor space and muddy floor will be separated with polythene under 4-6 inch. of muddy floor. Extra layer of ¼ inch. mud will be changed in every 5 batch of rearing. Floor will be one-foot-high from ground.
  3. Length and width: (50*20) feet for each of 1000 birds shed.
  4. Height: 8 feet from floor and side wall, bamboo net pasted with mud, will be maximum 1-foot height.
  5. Doors: The size of the door will be (6*2.5) feet. Before entry to shed, shoe will be changed obviously.
  6. Fencing of shed and boundary of farm: Will be made with bamboo and net with 5 ft. distance from Shed. Around two shed one common Fencing will be better option to prevent unusual entry.
  7. Roof: Two-layer roof will be ensured; one will be made with pasted mud bamboo net, appropriate for tropical country, and rest one will be metallic roof overhang 3.5 feet from shed to prevent rain water entry.
  8. Lighting: Lights,10 feet distance, will be hanged over with ceiling at 7 feet above the ground.
  9. Foot bath: Jute bag soaked with disinfectant will be used as Foot bath, close to entrance. Two set shoe will be kept in Shed for all time to prevent infection.
  10. Drinkers and Feeders: Drinkers would be set according to height of eye position of birds and Federer would be set according to height of crop of birds, kept it on brick or wood to prevent contamination with faeces and dust.
  11. Litre: Rice Husk, 1-2 inch layered, depends on season, will prevent coccidiosis and mycoplasmosis, Gumboro and Newcastle Diseases.
  12. Curtain: Curtain have two segment; lower portion will be fixed on sidewall and other part will be flexible depending on age, weather and demand.
  13. Disposal Pit: Which will be at northern part of 2nd Shed.

Approximate housing cost:

  1. Bamboo made pillar,16 pieces = 37 US$
  2. Wood = 235 US$
  3. Metallic tin = 235 US$
  4. Curtain= 35 US$
  5. Net = 117 US$
  6. Federer, waterer and brooder= 94 US$
  7. Electrical instruments = 47 US$
  8. Sidewall=117 US$
  9. Disposal pit= 18 US$
  10. Labor= 82 US$
  11. Others = 100 US$

Total= 1,117 US$

If we able to use paddy straw, act as an insulator, instead of metallic tin leads to save 235 US$ more.

Now, Total cost will be 882 US$.

In this design, farmers will establish 2nd shed after selling 1st batch of birds, and feed storage and store room will be constructed after ensuring profit to minimize economic burden.

***How this design could prevent AMR?

It will ensure 3 parts of Biosecurity; conceptual, structural and operational.

  1. Conceptual: It will ensure 300 ft. distance from farmer’s house to 1st shed and 50 ft. distance from shed to shed, (length*width) will be (50 ft.* 20 ft.) of each shed are conceptual part of biosecurity. It should be 600 ft. away from other farms and markets.
  2. Structural: Shed height and width, floor, overhang roof details are mentioned before.
  3. Operational: Foot bath using, changing shoe before entry shed, establishing boundary and disposal pit, entry restriction, disposal pit and ensuring bath after visiting market place are under operational part of biosecurity.

***Special features of this shed design:

  1. Overhanging Roof
  2. Muddy floor with polythene separated
  3. Two portions of curtain system
  4. Medicinal and herbal plants: Neems, ginger, garlic, Papaya, Turmeric, Green chili. Lemon etc.

Neems leaves has antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal function and acts on enteritis,

***How farmer will be more benefited by this design?

  1. Less cost design by establishing biosecurity.
  2. Homemade feed will save at least 117 US$ instead of readymade feed.
  3. Farmers should start farm cash on hand instead of due farming to pharmacy or feed sellers save 117 US$ more, it saves unnecessary buy.
  4. Moringa, garlic, jinger, Neems and vegetables cultivation between sheds and house will reduce 5 % feed cost along with prevention and treatment facility. These have high protein, vitamins and minerals. Eg.Moringa is super food.
  5. Seasonal and managemental stress will be reduced by using these herbal and medicinal products along with oraganic acid, enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, phytogenic products lead to reduce antibiotic use and cost.
Text Box:
Text Box:
  •                                                   (b)

Figure-1: Bamboo net (a) for roof of shed and (b) for boundary of farm

Text Box:

                                        Figure-2: Metalic roof                    

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