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Ephemeral fever/3 days sickness/shifting lameness.

Ephemeral fever/3 days sickness/shifting lameness.

It is a viral disease.but some physician may confuse with Anthrax. At first it is confusing.when you will observe the can see the patient is dumb like.only there is clear and concentrate nasal discharge, but occationally he is vibrating his head and temperature.

It is most important you will ask the owner. It was remaining out side the room when it was raining yester day?? is it was coughing (kashi dischilo). it is obligatory that it was coughing.the owner cannot remember about coughing but his wife will say about coughing.
after that you will see slight bloat(gas in rumen/abdomen) and then a vigrous respiratory trouble for 2 to 3 hours.the owner will think animal must die. then seivering the whole body resulting to high rise of temperature.(106–108 degree). there is reluctent to moove and feeling pain to whole body like you will see the lameness of one leg like B.Q. after sometime the lameness will shift to another leg. there is slight to mucous to feces.

1. Inj Histavet according to body wt.
2. Inj. pronapen -40 luc
3.Inj. ketovet.
pronapen is due to it may be B.Q.

Ad. pore water on head it will attract the animal to eat something.

Donot use new born calf and Goat the injection dellergen.

dr sk md robiul alam firoz

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