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KETOSIS. In developed country it is a producing disease no doubt,due to high milk production lactogen needs.lactogen produce from glucose. so due to lac of CHO glycoside cycle become slow,and deposited fat are used for metabolism via TCA cycle to produce energy and as bi product produce ketone bodies.That cow are well nourished with there is no lack of energy,they get ration feed.
But in our country ketosis develop due to starvation(may be transportation,diarrhoea,other disease,anorexia).we know due to food habit maximum energy produce from CHO metabolism in cattle. but if body become failure to absorb enough nutrient(carbohydrate,fat,protein),then energy produce from fat metabolism make bi product ketone bodies, in our country there will be lack nutrient.(male,female).Due to smell of acetone animal suffer from anorexia.

It is to be seem that in developed country of high yielding cow have other source for energy(store glycogen,protein) so they can controll body temp.
But in our country due to starvation for several days the body of animal become nutrient less.By fat metabolism produce ketosis. For lack of nutrient the animal body that heat regulatory centre of hypothalamus cann’t work to control temp.Because heat regulation is a energy consuming task.

practically we get the exception of temperature, for this reason we cann’t diagnose the disease, because it is completely a new idea.

I tried to diagnose the disease by using dextrose intravenously,i think by supplying water ketone bodies become diluted and smell of acetone becoming light and animal eat grass within a minute. Temperature become normal by producing energy from glucose.

But if we drench glucose orally then the animal will eat grass after 3 to5 hours later.that means after absorbing the water the ketone bodies will be diluted and smell will be light to eat grass.After oral treating with glucose the temperature will be normal upto 10 to 12 hours later.

Doctor Anower gave a comment that maximum vet will not belive. I think you will get many patient,if i become able to treat the animal to save and the animal become safe.why they will not believe it.I am doing this job for more than 30 years successfully.Now i am sure for the disease ketosis temperature will rise in our circumstances.For these reasons we are failing to diagnose the disease ketosis

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