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Presentation, #Position #and #posture #of #fetus #during #parturation. ?

#Presentation#Position #and #posture#of #fetus #during #parturation.

#Answer #question 7?

When the animal gets birth there is a difference ways either right or wrong that the mother presented their kids.

#The #Normal #Forms #Of #Parturition.

1. Normal anterior presentation.
2. Normal posterior presentation.

1. #Normal #Anterior #Presentation.
• presentation= Anterior and longitiudinal.
• Position= Dorso (dorsal sacral)
• posture= Complete extensition of head and forelombs.

2. #Normal #Posterior #Presentation.
• presentation= Posterior and longitiudinal
• position= Dorso (Dorsal sac)
•posture= Complete extention hind limbs.

#NB= if you see more than theses two ways or forms we can say its abnormal form.

#Abnormals #Of #Head #Malposture #Fetus.

● Lateral head deviation.
• Right lateral head deviation.
• Left lateral head deviation

● Ventral head deviation
• head breast flexion
• Foot nape posture and etc
● Dorsal head deviation.

#Abnormal #Of #Forelimbs #Malposture

◇ Carpal flexion.
◇ Foot nape posture.
◇ Shoulder flexion.

Abnormal Of Hind limbs malposture.

◇ Hock flexion.
◇ Hip flexion.
◇ Tarsal fexion.



♧. If the fetus first appear his head and fore limbs its Anterior.

♧. If the fetus first appear his hind limbs ita posterior.

♧. If the fetus not prsented both of this its Transverse..

♧. If the fetus back faced to the mothers back its Dorsal form

♧. If the fetus chest or abdomen area face to the mothers back its ventral form.

Lets explain Picture 1.

•Presentation= posterior longitiudinal.
•Position= dorsal ( dorsal sac).
•Posture= complete extention of hind limbs.

Lets explain picture 2.

•Presentation= anterior longitiudinal.
•Position= Dorso (Dorsal sac).
•Posture= Left carpal flexion.

Lets explain picture 3.

•Presentation= anterior longitiudinal.
•Postion= Dorso (Dorso sac).
•Posture= lateral left head deviation.

Lets explain picture 4.

•Presentation= posterior longitiudinal.
•Position= ventral (dorso sac_pubic).
•Posture= extended hind limbs.

Lets explain picture 5.

•Presentation= posterior longitiudinal
•Position= Dorsal ( dorso sac)
•Posture= bilateral hock flextion

Lets explain picture 6.

•Presentation= Anterior longitiudinal
•Position= Dorso (dorso_ sacral)
•Posture= Lateral right head deviation

Try to explain your self in picture 7.
• Presentation?
• Position?
• Posture?

If you see abnormal forms you may make this management.

• Correction deviation
• Tract if possible
• C section ( last option)

Next:- C section of animal…..

I am human its possible to occur error writing!!

By:- DVM Geell

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