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FMD (Foot & Mouth Disease) Vaccine Failure:

FMD (Foot & Mouth Disease) Vaccine Failure:

FMD vaccine Failing?
1. Don’t say it’s becoz of the quality of the vaccine! Consider your quality of work too. Had you carried the vaccine below 4°. Did you chill the needle before vaccination? Was the vial not in your pocket while you vaccinate? Did you vaccine all animals in heard including preganants?
vaccine needs to stay in chilled condition 2° ~8°c. U keep it out it destabilize. friction of needle during vaccination increase temp of needle and makes vaccine unstable. keeping vial in pocket also causes the same.

2. you find swelling and pain in animal after vaccination. can get rid of it by these steps..
a. vaccinate in neck ..more lymph nodes to absorb vaccine
b. shake vial before vaccine withdrawal
c. never vaccinate sick animals
d. vaccinate early morning before 10
e. avoid needles which are used many times and not sharp.
f. advise message of muscle.
g. avoid vaccination on a rainy wet condition.

3. vaccinated animals show fmd signs….
possible as above 1 reason. possible if booster not done. possible if vaccine is poor.
if u find an area prone for fmd ..u must vaccinate once in 3 months.

4. why vaccinate preganants cows
to get calves with ready maternal antibodies becoz upto 3 months we give no vaccines. this will protect the calf.

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