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Gynaecological problem.

Veterinary profession on dairy farming-

Gynaecological problem.-

How to diagnose gynaecological problem-

I. ♦️ anoestrus- a✅.physiologically it occurs when cows were pregnant. On rectally foetus in uterus with presence of corpus luteum in ovary. b. ✅Pathologically or in other condition if cows not come in oestrus due to lactational anoestrus, persistent corpus luteum, pyometra etc

II. ♦️suboestrus or silent heat -When oestrus shows suboptimal or silently. On rectally if cyclic cows corpus luteum were found or during oestrus softness of ovary i.e. follicle with scanty of mucus if pressure on uterus.

III. ♦️True anoestrus- there is no history of oestrus. Owner complain cow giving birth 5-6 month but till now cows not come in oestrus. On rectally both ovaries inactive, no cyclic corpus luteum, no follicle.

III.♦️ persistant corpus luteum- if corpus luteum persists 10 days apart on rectal palpation.

IV. ♦️Follicular cyst- the cow shows oestrus at irregular interval i.e. cow come in heat 4-5 days or 10 days interval. The cows were nymphomaniac. On rectal palpation one or rarely two ovaries larger than normal size of ovary.

V. ♦️Luteal cyst- its occur due insufficient release of LH hormone.

VI.♦️ovarian adhesion,

VII.♦️endometritis, chronic endometritis- watery mucous come out without stingyness, sometime voluminous watery mucous with turbidity.

VIII.♦️Tumor in ovary and uterus,

IX.♦️metritis, pyometra, mucometra- discoloured turbid to reddish mucous in metritis, Pus/ yellowish discharge come out with or without corpus luteum in pyometra.

X. ♦️repeat breeding,

XI. ♦️Metaoestral bleeding- Farmers noticed blood come out through vagina. It indicate that the cows were in oestrus two to three days ago.

Dr Mohammad Omar Faruk ULO

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