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Use of Ivermectin in pets:

Use of Ivermectin in pets:

Ivermectin is the blessings for animals in the treatment for external and internal parasites.

But it is used every where in pets and small animals causing neurological syndromes even death .

Ivermectin is an unique medicine for mites , fleas and some worms .

Fungus infestations is confusing with mites and fleas .

Ivermectin should be used only for external parasites not in fungus infestations .

Overdoses and use of Ivermectin in young and sick animals cause harms to the animals.

When Subcutaneous injection is given in the skin it causes damages to the skin .

Cats and Rabbits are very sensetive to Ivermectin injection and to pour on solutions .

So consult your vet only for any skin disease .

Never use Ivermectin by your self consulting with non vets , groomers and and animal handlers.

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