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Tips to Trim Your Dog or Cat’s Nails

Tips to Trim Your Dog or Cat’s Nails
#Let your veterinarian help:
Sometimes having a professional handle nail clipping is the best option.
#Small steps are always best for Nail Trims:
If you have a puppy/kitten start him out right. Small steps are always best. Patience will be required but worth the wait. At the first “clipper introduction” try smearing the nail clippers with a treat. Make sure your furry friend associates the clippers with a positive experience before using them to actually cut the nails.
Once your pet realizes the clippers bring “joy” trim one nail, give a treat and put the clippers down. Again, the process is going to take patience but your pet must have confidence in the process.
If you have an older “wiser” dog/cat try clipping ONE nail and immediately put the clippers down and say “Ok, let’s go for a walk” or “time for some love”. Do the same thing the next day. After 3 or 4 weeks all the nails will be clipped. The process then starts over again. Eventually, you will be able to trim more than one nail at a time.
If your pet is a breed that will require professional grooming, seek a groomer that has a puppy/kitten table training program. This will enable your pet to understand the grooming process including nail trims. Program like these can also save you money, as sedation is often required for unruly pets (especially cats) who refuse to allow that summer “shave” be performed.
Try touching your pet’s nails with objects other than the clippers. Use a pencil eraser, a spoon, a favorite toy, again be patient. After some trust is built, touch the nail with the clippers. Do not clip just touch then reward with a treat.
Bring the clippers out and let your pet hear the sound of the clippers without clipping the nails. Leave the clippers out at all times for your pet to view. Several times during the day, pick them up, and let your dog/cat hear the clipping sound without having his/her nails clipped. Reward with a treat.
These are just a few suggestions on ways to improve the nail clipping experience. Owners must understand, patience is required for this process to be successful. So whether you plan on clipping your pet’s nails or using a professional source like your veterinarian or a groomer be willing to allow as much time as needed for your pet to feel comfortable.
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