√ Choking is the obstruction of upper Respiratory tract by any foreign objects causes severe breathing problem in animals.
√ Its a life threatening medical emergency for your pets, which may lead to death due to lack of oxygen into the lungs if primary and necessary veterinary care can’t be taken immediately.
√ difficulty breathing, excessive pawing at the mouth, 
√ choking sounds when breathing or coughing,
√ blue-tinged lips/tongue.
#Use_caution – a choking pet is more likely to bite in its #panic.
√ If the pet can still breathe, keep it calm and get it to a veterinarian.
√ Look into the pet’s mouth to see if a foreign object is visible.
√ If you see an object, gently try to remove it with pliers or tweezers, but be careful not to push the object further down the throat.
√ Don’t spend a lot of time trying to remove it if it’s not easy to reach—
√ don’t delay, and get your pet to a veterinarian immediately.
√ If you can’t remove the object or your pet collapses, place both hands on the side of your pet’s rib cage and apply firm quick pressure, or lay your pet on its side and strike the rib cage firmly with the palm of your hand 3-4 times.
√ The idea behind this is to sharply push air out of their lungs and push the object out from behind.
√ Keep repeating this until the object is dislodged or until you arrive at the veterinarian’s office.
Dr.Sujan Kumar Sarkar
Registered Vet
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Pet Animal Practitioner
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Vet & Pet Care
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