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বিভিন্ন কোম্পানির কৃমিনাশক এবং এন্টিপ্রোটোজোয়াল

প্রোডাক্টস        কোম্পানী

Anthelmintic preparation

Albendazole 600mg(Bolus)

Benazole        Acme

Worm Free   Al modina

Endokill      A CI

Helmex      Renata

Alzol           Ethical

Aldazol         Techno

Almavet       Globe

Alvet         FNF

Almex     Square

Dose; 1bolus /80kg BW oraly

Indicationn;Fasciolosis,round worm,.liver fluke,hookworm,bladder worm

side effect; may be abortion in 1st trimester

Triclabendazole 900mg (bolus)

Trilev vet             Square

Claben              Globe

Fasinil          Techno

Triben L           Ethical

Acimex               ACI

Fasinex           Elanco

Dose:1 bolus 75-80 kg BW oraly

Indication;liverfluke (mature and immature

safe in pregnant


Nemafex 2 gm       Rampart

Indication;Round and tapeworm

3 bolus /50-100kg BW


Ralnex 600mg      Elanco

Levavet600mg      Acme

1 bolus /50-70kg BW

Nemasol300mg        Techno

1gm/L litre wayer

Fenbendazole 25omg(bolus)

Bol Safvet        FnF

Fenvet       Globe

Paraclear          Techno

1bolus/50kg BW

Indication;Fasciolosis,round and tapeworm,liver,hookworm

safe and no side effect even young and sick animal

Mebendazole 750mg (bolus)

Panamox     Jayson

Helmavet     Globe

1bolus/30-70kg BW

safe same as Fenbendazole

Ivermectin and chlorsolon

inj Imovet          AASCO

Chlorsolon     Acme

1ml/50 kgBW

indication;Round worm,mite,tick,lice

sideeffect;chronic tixicity

Triclabendazole 900mg and Levamozole 708mg(bolus)

Trilev vet         Square

Triben L        Ethical

Trisol        Globe

Lezol         FnF

Endex        Elanco

Antiworm     ACI

levex     Techno

LTvet   Acme

Dose 1bolus/40-75kg BW

Indication;liverfluke and stomachworm

Nitroxynil 250mg(injection)

Nitronex       Renata

Dovenix          AASCO

Oxynil         Techno

Nixil              Opsonin

Nitrox-A       Acme

Indication;liverfluke,Stomach worm.hookworm,nasal granuloma

sideeffect;increase heart rate,respiration and metabolic rate

Hexachlorophane 1000mg(bolus)

Flukenil        Renata

Hexatin      Acme

1bolus/100kg BW


sise effect;Hepatotoxicity and not safe in pregnant

Tetramisole and Oxyclozanide(bolus)

Levanide       Acme

Oxynide       Ethical

Tetranide     Techno

1bolus/50-100kg BW

side effect;not used in 1st Trimester and may cause abortion


Ascarex        ACI

Peravet       Acme

Piper vet   Square

PC vet   Globe

Therazin      Ethical

Eskaper          S KF

Piperzine          Arifs

Dose;10gm/5litre water oraly


Side effect



Bol Ivomec      AASCo

inj Ivertin     Chemist

Acimec 1%      ACI

inj Iver       Globe

inj Vermic     Techno

Ivomec pour on     AASCO

Normectin pour on    Square

Dose;inj 1ml /50kg BW SC,1bolus/100kg BW oraly,pour on 10ml/100kg BW tropicaly

indication;Round worm.Stomach and itestine worm,Redworm

lice,ticks and mite infection

Antiprotozoal Drugs

Metronidazole 2gm

Metrovet         Techno

Dirovet         Acme

Micovet     Globe

এমোডিস  (amodis) স্কয়ার

ফ্লাজিল Frazyl)  sanofi

মেটোনিড ( metonid )    popular

মেট্রিল( Metryl)  opsonin

Dose;1bolus /50kg BW oraly and Uterus


Babenil (imidocarb Dipropionate 133mg ) Techno

Dose;1mg/kg BW

A C I   ই কার্বজল  ( E carbzol)

For babesiosis cattle,sheep 1-2ml/100kgBW

Horse 2ml/1ookg BW

Dog .25ml/10kg BW

For Anaplasmosis; cattle 2.5lm /1ookg BW

Barenil (Diminazine aceturate .444gm  )   intervet

Dose;.8-1.6gm /100kg BW  deep I M in neck

Babcop (Do)                Square

Triquin(Quinapyramine sulphate and chloride     ACI

Dose;2.5gm mixed with 15ml DW water then used 15ml S/C ly

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